Biosphere Technology

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  The World's Most Environmentally Responsible High Performance Packaging.

Biosphere® packaging products are a new family of affordable, high performance, ultra earth friendly starch based packaging systems.  Our materials are made primarily from annually renewable plant starches and lesser amounts of grass fibers.  We bake plant starch into rigid shapes similar to the process of making waffles or ice cream cones.

Biosphere Technology has successfully optimized this 'ice cream cone baking' technology to manufacture rigid packaging products that perform unlike anything else on earth.

Our packaging is sturdy, attractive with a comfortable feel.  Food contact is a snap being freezer friendly and safe for use in both microwaves or ovens up to 420°F.  Whether you need to keep it hot or cold, Biosphere® containers provide exceptional insulating performance.

Biosphere® products compost rapidly or may be disposed of in the paper recycling stream.  Certified by the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center to be Marine Degradable per ASTM D7081, our material degrades in marine environments with no toxicity.




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